The Iberian pig is a species unique in the world because of its unique characteristics and their care, make this animal a delight to the palate Gourmets.

A species that is the result of millennia of effort and targeting to maximize the resources of their environment.

In the adjustment period, pigs ibèric or developed a genetic characteristic that allows you to store fat deposits infiltrated muscle mass, giving rise to such features white streaks that give the Iberico ham its inconsistent texture and aroma.

Its low calorie meat, protects the heart and circulatory system, reduces cholesterol, and rich in all vitamins.
Iberian ham is more than a gourmet product, contains many virtues that are directly related to our health.
It is an antioxidant, has a high vitamin E content.

It can be a substitute for meat, 100 grams of ham contain 43 grams of protein so you can easily substitute to red meat, is also a cardiovascular protector, its fat is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid, which we remains protected from the so-called cardiovascular disease.

The Iberian pig is reared on the genetic characteristics and operating a process different from other breeds of pigs fattened in feedlots, as do more exercise and staple it is the great variety of herbs in the pasture and eat the acorn , characterized by high oleic acid content exceeds 65%.

Recent studies have revealed that the cured ham, are lowered blood levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Monounsaturated fatty acids also have other beneficial effects such as reducing oxidation of LDL cholesterol, better palatability and their safety established over centuries.

The Iberian Ham is a completely natural food, its ingredients are ham and Sal

A study in California, United States provides that zinc is very important in the diet of young people and adults, Zinc is a mineral found in Iberian ham.
Loa specialists say that with a daily intake of 20 mg of zinc adolescents improve their activities and mental abilities.

Studies that result in young people who are short of zinc are more likely to suffer violent and antisocial behavior and lower intellectual capacity, concentration and learning.

There is evidence that a diet rich in zinc increases the acuity of senses of taste and smell and promotes the healing of wounds, recovery from burns and gastric ulcers.


Place the piece properly in the ham: the only condition that must have this gadget is that you provide good fixation and comfort to the cutter.

Peel, consists of separating the ham coverage of the bacon, leather and crust formed by natural exudates mold and drying and maturing process. It begins with a cut perpendicular to the leg and move up to the hock, then make tangential cuts on both sides. If the ham is to be consumed in a short time the whole peel, if not, should go as peeling is consumed.

HOME, whether to eat quickly, or you want a more showy court, will begin the piece by the main (hoof up) more juicy and infiltrated. For slower consumption is advisable to start with the area of the stifle (hoof down), so that it can eventually avoid becoming too dry.
Is used for cutting a ham knife, narrow blade, long and flexible. For peeled and other ancillary uses shorter blade knife, and stiff.

CUTS: will always be parallel to each other along the lines marked by arrows in the figure, always leaving it a flat surface without ridges. The slices should be very thin, almost transparent, the width of the room and never will be longer than 6 or 7 cms.
When cutting the main package (hoof up) are advised to combine in each serving slices of the central zone of the tip and shank. The cut of this core package of cuts needed auxiliary well to finish the first piece to the shank and the second will be done with the knife assistant, to go to evolve the hip bone. At the plate, the slices are arranged in a single layer, if any, with a slight overlap between them.

Finally, the meat close to bone, which can not be cut in slices, but in strips and irregular pieces, are excellent complement to many dishes or casseroles, and even consumed "taquitos." The bones cut into pieces with a saw 10 to 12 cms., Will provide input for exquisite wines.

IN BRIEF: Good instruments, some order, ability and before all and above all, a good Ham.