Located in the north of Cordoba province, in the heart of Valle de Los Pedroches, amid the largest and most populated oak forest is HAM LUIS BLANCO AND SONS.

From our own herds of Iberian pigs, selected, identified, monitored, fed and handled optimally in our own farms, and in the purest tradition of craftsmanship throughout the process, get the wide variety of products Iberian acorn with the exclusive use of raw materials of the highest quality.

All the healing process is going through a daily monitoring and jealous, made by skilled craftsmen in that it is essential the influence of weather conducive to this activity in the region of Los Pedroches.

Under the trust and transparency that the Iberian products that our company offers to consumers, we submit to thorough checks to certify the quality of our products and thus ensure that the information we provide is reliable and contrasted by external entities.

Our ham Ham Iberian has cut numerous veins to fat between his lean, with colors ranging from red to purple and pink, its bright and golden bacon reveals the low melting point of fats from the acorns and is characterized by a stylized form thin cane, his black claw and the bright pink and fat.